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Chechnya at War and Beyond

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Chechnya at War and Beyond

Chechnya at War and Beyond, Routledge, 272 p., sous la direction de Anne Le Huérou, Aude Merlin, Amandine Regamey et Elisabeth Sieca Kozlowski

The Russia-Chechen wars have had an extraordinarily destructive impact on the communities and on the trajectories of personal lives in the North Caucasus Republic of Chechnya. This book presents in-depth analysis of the Chechen conflicts and their consequences on Chechen society. It discusses the nature of the violence, examines the dramatic changes which have taken place in society, in the economy and in religion, and surveys current developments, including how the conflict is being remembered and how Chechnya is reconstructed and governed.

  • Introduction Anne Le Huérou, Aude Merlin, Amandine Regamey, Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

Part 1 : Traces of War : Between Remembrance and Erasing

  • 1. Grozny as Before the War : Remembrance and Reconciliation in ‘Virtual’ and ‘Real’ Post-Soviet Communities - Walter Sperling
  • 2. Remembering and Forgetting in Chechnya Today : Using the Great Patriotic War to Create a New Historical Narrative - Aude Merlin
  • 3. Victims and Heroes : Commemorating the Russian Military Casualties in the Chechen Conflicts - Natalya Danilova
  • 4. Reconstruction in Chechnya, at the Intersection between Politics and the Economy - Musa Basnukaev

Part 2 : State and Non-State Rationales of Violence

  • 5. State and Violence in Chechnya : 1997-1999 - Ekaterina Sokirianskaya
  • 6. Kidnapping and Hostage Taking between the Two Chechen Wars : 1997-1999 - Mikhail Roshchin
  • 7. Ramzan Kadyrov’s ‘Illiberal’ Peace in Chechnya - John Russell
  • 8. Between War Experience and Ordinary Police Rationales : State Violence against Civilians in Post-war Chechen Republic - Anne Le Huérou
  • 9. The North Caucasus Insurgency : Understanding the Chechen Rebels in the Context of the Caucasus Emirate - Jean-François Ratelle

Part 3 : The Impact of War on Chechen Society

  • 10. Rereading Human Rights Reports : Material Violence in Chechnya : 1999-2001 - Amandine Regamey
  • 11. Sufism in Chechnya : Its Influence on Contemporary Society - Mayrbek Vachagaev
  • 12. Virtue Campaign for Women in Chechnya under Ramzan Kadyrov : Between War Backlash Effect and Desire for Total Control - Tanya Lokshina
  • 13. Chechen Refugees in Europe : How Three Generations of Women Settle in Exile 6 Alice Szczepanikova

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