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Call for papers - IPSA 2016

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Call for papers

RC06 Political Sociology

"Riots" and mobilizations against violent police deviances. An international comparative perspective

Chair : Mr. Anthony Pregnolato
Co-Chair : Dr. Victor Collet
Discussant : Dr. Soline Laplanche-Sevigne
Discussant : Prof. Abdellali Hajjat

Some searchers concede that since the 1960’s and the 1970’s, the United States and Western Europe has witnessed an uninterrupted series of urban rebellions. Most sociologists and political scientists agree with the fact that these “riots” often started as a reaction to “police violence”, a sign of the contentious relationship between the police and the Blacks Peoples, post-colonials immigrants’s children, and working classes. Besides, non-violent collective actions against “police violence” may emerge during or after the “riots” : protests, sit-ins, creation of associations, legal or community actions, etc. First, we aim to focus on this contentious relationship and to analyze the “riots” as forms of mobilizations against “police violence”. Secondly, we want to encourage the comparison between “riots”, urban rebellions and forms of uprising in different configuration across the world. Following James C. Scott’s works, we want to question different kinds of resistances and political actions of subaltern groups, as most often victims of police violence experience social inequality and discriminations. In this panel, we invite for a discussion of empirical cases studies in an international comparative perspective. We would welcome papers offering configurational analysis that enable to understand the dynamics of “riots”, to highlight the conditions of possibility of “riots” as well as of “legitimate”, peaceful, mobilizations against discriminations and “police violence”.

Language : English

Deadline for paper submission : October 7, 2015

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